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      Professional optical materials manufacturing enterprise

      Taizhou ATS Optical Materials Co., Ltd, established in 1986, has now developed into a producing, marketing and service integrated enterprise of optical materials; Qualified the world certificates such as SGS and ISO9001:2015,as well as domestic authoritative organizations; Our main products are: optical coating materials, infrared laser materials, which have widely been sold to over 19 countries and districts.

      For the corporate vision of “to be a world-class brand of optical material supplier”, ATS keeps efforts on learning, developing and innovating.

      • Our Factory
      • Our Team
      Strong teamwork of professional R&D, producing, warehousing, sales and service;Assured quality, timely delivery

      Recommended Products

      High-quality products and advanced production technology

      • ZnS
      • Ti3O5
      • SiO
      • SiO2
      • ZrO2
      • ZnSe
      • Coating Material Mixture
      • Hot Coating Material
      • +More


      Your assured supplier, serve every customer heart and soul

      ATS values customers’ demands and feedbacks, committed to building sales and service system based on customer satisfaction.


      Quality first, integrity-based, build brand

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